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Splotch is a game of logic and intuition with very simple rules. But what a mind teaser! You set red dots on the playing board, and the computer sets blue dots. The goal of the game is to enclose as many of your opponent's dots as possible, thereby 'capturing' territory.

Splotch has three levels: Beginner, Advanced and Master.

The Advanced and Master levels use sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence providing a real challenge. These levels are available in the full version of the game.

Splotch helps to develop and improve a number of mental skills, including strategy, observation and spacial skills. It is also fun and helpful for children and good for developing their mental abilities.

Splotch is based on a board game known for centuries, and believed to have originated in ancient China. Try Splotch and have fun for hours!

Click here to download a free version of the Splotch.

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