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The Ultimate ZIP Cracker

    Despite its name, the Ultimate ZIP Cracker also offers support for Microsoft Office documents such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

    The Microsoft Office versions supported by Ultimate ZIP Cracker are:

  • Microsoft Office 95 (partial support)
  • Microsoft Office 97 and 2000
  • Microsoft Office XP(2002) and 2003

Most passwords such as worksheet password are recovered instantly, including the VBA Project password (for Office 2000+, the VBA Project password can be removed with the full version of UZC).

    Typical password recovery

    For the simplest password recovery, just select the Password Wizard search method, specify the document file name and press 'Start'. The Password Wizard will automatically guide you through the basic recovery methods.

    Advanced recovery using the Customized Search

    As a document owner, you can probably remember something about the password, even if you have forgotten the entire password. Maybe you know that the first half of the password was a common word and the second half was a number. You can configure the Customized Search in the following manner (click here to download the search template sample):

    More samples of Customized Search templates:
        - Telephone number
        - Internet URL

    Guaranteed Decryption

    Some passwords are very secure and you can spend a lot of time trying to find them. Fortunately, it is possible to decrypt the document instead of performing the password search.

    The Office documents are internally encrypted using 40-bits key. When you enter the password, Microsoft Office transforms your password into 40-bits value (key) and then uses this value to decrypt the document.

    Thus, we can test all the keys one by one, looking for the right one.
    A modern PC (Pentium IV 3GHz) will test the whole range within 7-8 days. Because
    the key can take any value from 0 to 1,099,511,627,775, we can say that the average search time is 3-5 days, but you can actually find key at any moment.

    The Ultimate ZIP Cracker supports multiprocessor mode for Guaranteed Decryption. So if you have several physical processor in your PC, the search will be much faster.

    Guaranteed Decryption and Office XP

    Starting with Office XP, Microsoft introduced a new encryption schema: Cryptographic Service Providers encryption (CSP). Now you can choose the encryption method for your document: Office 97/2000 compatible encryption or CSP encryption.
    For 97/2000 compatible encryption, you can still use the Guaranteed Decryption method.
    Unfortunately, the Guaranteed Decryption method can't be used for CSP encryption. In fact, Microsoft is internally using an analog of 160-bits key (20 bytes) for encryption, regardless the key length specified in the document encryption properties. Fortunately, the regular password recovery (password search) is much faster for CSP.

    Click here to download an evaluation copy of Ultimate ZIP Cracker.

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